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“Tough places make tough people. Like me, Jason Richey has watched the struggle that communities like our hometown of Aliquippa have battled through, and I know that not a day goes by where those communities, their challenges and how to improve them aren’t on his mind. Jason is a tough leader who, if elected governor, has the resolve to help communities like Aliquippa solve their problems.”

~Mike Ditka, Aliquippa native and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

“My experience in local government has taught me that making a difference in a community requires more than ambitious rhetoric and catchy slogans. It requires innovative and well-planned policies that cut through the status quo and generate tangible results for people. From the time I first met with Jason, I have been impressed by the creative and cutting-edge policies he’s built to lead us to a Great Pennsylvania Comeback. Without a doubt, Jason’s vision and platform can help make Pennsylvania a global economic powerhouse and allow communities like Slippery Rock to grow and prosper like never before.”

~ Jondavid R. Longo, Mayor, Slippery Rock, PA

“As a leader in the law enforcement community, it’s refreshing to talk to someone who understands the importance of investing in our police forces. Jason’s dedication to ensuring that police forces have the resources they need to recruit strong candidates and to develop highly-trained departments is one of many reasons I believe he will make an excellent governor. He values the contributions police officers make to the commonwealth and respects the hard work and dangers our officers undertake each day.”

~ Tony Guy, Beaver County Sheriff, retired state police

When it comes to the contest for the next governor of Pennsylvania, Republicans need someone who stands with our party’s principles and who can carry us across the finish line on election day. That one man is Jason Richey. He stands with working families, whether it comes to good-paying jobs or parental choice about how their children are educated. Jason Richey isn’t locked into the Harrisburg mindset, and he can help change the culture of state government. I wholeheartedly endorse Jason Richey as our next governor.

~ Josh Kail, State Representative 15th District

Pennsylvania is in desperate need of new dynamic leadership. We need a governor who understands that in order for our state to thrive, our state government must enact laws and policies which promote growth and work to lift up all residents and all counties across the Commonwealth. Most importantly, we need a leader with an intelligent and aggressive plan for success. That’s why I’m endorsing Jason Richey for Governor of Pennsylvania. Jason has the experience, the fortitude, and the plan to bring our state back, reinvigorate our economy, and turn around decades of decline. He is the right person, at the right time, to lead Pennsylvania into a new era of prosperity.

~ Morgan Boyd, Chairman of the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners

“Jason has built a career in the private sector through grit and determination. He is the decisive leader we need to fight for Pennsylvania as our next governor.”

~ Jim Roddey, Allegheny County's first Chief Executive and former Republican Chairman of the Allegheny County Republican Committee