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Jason Richey In the News

Gubernatorial hopeful Richey says family, state motivate bid

The Derrick | | 8/5/21

Pittsburgh attorney Jason Richey said the “love” he has for his family and a desire to bring Pennsylvania back from a 50-year decline are the factors driving his gubernatorial bid. “I am running for governor because I love my boys and I love my family, but there have been too many families that have left Pennsylvania. I don’t want that to happen anymore.”  READ MORE…

Top Pennsylvania GOP candidates descend on the Northern Tier | Rhea Jha | Jul 12, 2021

WYSOX TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Top Republican candidates in Pennsylvania came from around the state to woo the local voters in Bradford County. What is usually an open field of land atop a grassy hill in Wysox Township, greeted hundreds of people on Sunday afternoon with a “Welcome to Trump Country” sign, for the Rally at the Rock event. READ MORE…